Interview with Anton Hattingh

  1. Why did you decide to do English teaching?

Teaching English opens so much doors, It’s a fast growing industry with lots of opportunities all over the world.

  1. What teaching experience do/ did you have?

At the moment I have just a little over a years private tutoring experience I gained in Asia

  1. Why did you choose Thailand?

Thailand has a huge expat community and a lot of opportunities, along with a welcoming and caring local culture.

  1. Have you travelled abroad before?

Yes, But only for leisure and for short periods .

  1. Did you use a recruitment agency?

I did not, and found a teaching position on my second day in Chiang Mai.

  1. How was the recruitment process?

A interview followed with a 10 minute demo class.

  1. Did they provide advice and guidance with regards to your visa application?

They did inform me on all the options I have, yes

  1. Was accommodation provided?


  1. Was the accommodation satisfactory?

I was able to find accommodation nearby for an affordable price.

  1. Did the company provide training?

Nope, but they do provide some teaching materials.

  1. What was the most challenging aspect when you first arrived?

Adjusting to the culture whilst living with minimal.

  1. How has your experience been so far with your interactions with the school, parents and the people in general?

The locals here are amazingly friendly, but there is definitely still a lack of communication and understanding. Always have to try and keep your queries slow and clear or they might just think you are trying to be funny.

  1. How did you deal with the culture shock?

I embraced every bit of it! I luckily have my partner with me from home, so we tried to bring a bit of home along with us and bend the culture a bit to match ours.

  1. How has this experience enriched you on a personal level?

My Time in Asia has definitely broaden my perspective on life and has introduced me to a lot of situations where I got to learn more about myself .

  1. Do you have any useful tips or advice for anyone considering teaching in Thailand?

Just put yourself out there, reach out to the schools and you will find the perfect position sooner than you think.

Authur:  Anton Hattingh

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