English for Nurses

The main goal of this course is to facilitate your acquisition of English knowledge and skills that will allow you to perform your main duties in an English speaking environment. Either you may take care of foreign patients or interact with English-speaking doctors in the hospitals and clinics in your own country or you may intend to work in international hospitals, this course will help you with the basic language knowledge and skills that you need in the main areas of your activity.


This course will cover all four skills: listening and speaking, reading and writing.

Each unit will have its specific vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation presentation and activities. Listening. This course will develop your active listening skills in your interactions with patients, doctors and other nurses.

Speaking: The course will ensure that you practise and improve your communication skills especially with patients and doctors.

Reading: During this course, you will learn to read observation forms, prescriptions, messages, and other essential documents.

Writing: Filling in forms, writing messages and notes will be the main writing tasks.


This course also contains a glossary of medical terminology that you may need to know.