English for Hospitality

The English for Hospitality Suite of courses is designed for employees of hotels, restaurants, health clubs etc. where good English language lead to top-level service.  If the employees of your hotel, restaurant or spa are unable to communicate effectively in English it leaves the customer feeling dissatisfied, feeling they have received bad service.  This has an extremely negative impact on your business, especially in today’s world where customers rely on guest reviews to decide where they will stay.

Training your hospitality employees in English for the workplace means:

  • your employees are more engaging, able participate in small talk with guests and make suggestions for activities etc.
  • your employees are able to feel more confident in their jobs lending to increased staff satisfaction and thus retention.
  • your guests feel they have received excellent service, often becoming repeat customers and recommending your establishment to others.

English for Hospitality Suite

Certificate in English for Reception/Front Desk
ALAP Level 2– 20 learning hours

Certificate in English for Restaurant/Bar Staff
ALAP Level 2– 20 learning hours

Certificate in English for Housekeeping
ALAP Level 2– 20 learning hours