English for Companies

We specialise in quality English language training for professionals and businesses. Lessons are offered on a 1-to-1 and small group basis. Courses are delivered on-site at company premises. Our clients range from multinationals to small family business and professionals in various sectors. We identify, prioritise and deliver the communicative skills and role-specific language each person needs to perform their role competently in English.

Continuing education options in the workplace not only shows employee appreciation but it’s also the most desired employee benefit. Besides teaching valuable business skills like presenting, negotiating and intercultural competence, our courses provide excellent opportunities for team building activities.


We also offer intensive learning in the form of workshops to accommodate your employees. These are offered full-time or part-time, around your company schedule.

Our certified teachers have years of experience and are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications, and knowledge in both business and English teaching. Our special team facilitates language and workplace skills to your specific requirements and timescales. Industries and Corporates that we have provided training for include Business executives and Managers and companies in the Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Tourism, Hospitality , Health and Social Care sectors