40 Hour CELTO (Certificate in English Language Teaching Online) Online Course

40 Hour CELTO (Certificate in English Language Teaching Online) Online Course

Introducing the new CELTO (Certificate in English Language Teaching Online) course by INTESOL This course prepares you to be a successful online English teacher with the freedom to work anywhere, anytime! Teaching English Online is a booming industry. Now that fast internet connections are the norm worldwide you can make a living teaching English online from pretty much anywhere! The CELTO (Certificate in English Language Teaching Online) is at the forefront when it comes to providing quality training that prepares you to teach English online. Even if you have taught in the classroom, you will be sure to find the insider tips contained within this course to be hugely beneficial! Would you like to create a lifestyle with the freedom to work from ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection? Teaching English online is the way to go, and we’ll help you get started.

Why choose CELTO?
You can study the CELTO course online from your desktop, laptop or mobile device whenever and wherever you want. There are no set start dates and no time limit. You have the freedom and flexibility to fit your TEFL studies around your lifestyle. You can even study on the beach!
This course will teach you how to make money teaching English online! Full-time or part-time, you choose! For yourself or for a company, you choose!
The CELTO course is externally accredited, meaning the content and teaching methods have been scrutinised externally to meet industry standards. This means you can be sure you’ll participate in a fruitful learning experience.
No prior qualifications or experience are required. Fluent English, determination and willingness to learn are all you need.
CELTO Course Structure
The CELTO course consists of ten units. Each unit has course notes, self checks and assignments that you will study at your own pace. Once your final task has been graded by your tutor you will submit your completion form to begin the certification process.
Duration of the CELTO Course
There are approximately 50 hours of work in the course. As a general guideline most students complete the course in about 4 weeks, however if you need more time this is not a problem.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Teaching Online

  • Why teach online? Freedom. Flexibility. Types of students. Self- development. Low costs.
  • Preparing to teach online. Professionalism. Patience. Persistence. Willingness to market yourself.
  • Technical know-how. Linguistic tools. Teaching tools. Sense of humor.
  • What kind of teacher will you be?
  • The role of the teacher

Unit 2: Bringing About Success

  • Helping your students succeed
  • Encouraging production
  • Ask don’t tell
  • Encouraging fluency

Unit 3: The Basic Principles of All TEFL/TESOL

  • Looking after your students
  • Using realistic language – shortened forms – accent
  • Keeping students’ interest – LTTT – how to LTTT
  • Correction

Unit 4: Teaching Grammar

  • Making grammar interesting
  • Different grammar perspectives
  • Inductive v deductive grammar
  • Chinglish, Konglish and their cousins
  • How to teach grammar
  • (includes Back to Basics Grammar)

Unit 5: Teaching Pronunciation

  • Why do we all sound different?
  • Diagnosing pronunciation problems
  • Raising awareness
  • The most common problems
  • Useful and engaging methods
  • (includes IPA)

Unit 6: Planning Your Teaching

  • Proper Planning Promotes Professional Performance
  • Deciding your aims
  • Structuring your lesson
  • Making the best use of your plan
  • Self-evaluation

Unit 7: Finding and Keeping your Students

  • First decision: How will you work?
  • Build a comprehensive client base
  • Don’t be afraid of networking
  • Consider how you’ll demand a good rate
  • Choose your platform and technology

Unit 8: Practice, Production and Progress

  • The student ‘lifestyle’
  • The challenges of practicing L2 in a totally L1 environment
  • Groups or individuals?
  • How can we recognize progress?

Unit 9: Designing Materials and Courses

  • Sources for materials
  • Creating your own materials
  • Becoming a course designer

Unit 10: Establishing and Growing an Online Presence

  • Using social media
  • Using ESL websites
  • Building your own website