120 Hour Certificate Online Course in TEFL with TEYLT

120 Hour Certificate Online Course in TEFL with TEYLT

INTESOL’s online courses have been developed to provide flexibility for those who want to study without having to commit to attending a centre full time. Online TESOL / TEFL courses can prove to be the most effective way of learning for many people. INTESOL certification for online courses is accredited and awarded by ALAP. The online course is in a distance learning format. No need for high speed internet connectivity, access to email is required.

This 120 Hour TEFL contains a module on teaching English to young learners. This additional knowledge will not only be invaluable to you when you begin teaching, it also means you’ll be able to demonstrate specific skills that are in high demand by TEFL employers.

Benefits of an Online TESOL/TEFL Course

You have the chance to gain a recognised professional qualification at a lower cost.

You can work at home in your own time without having to give up work, or take time off.

Working at your own pace gives you adequate time to absorb the course material.

You can take as long as you like to complete an online TEFL course allowing you to fit the course around your life, rather than your life around the course.

Full tutor support.

EFL/ TESOL course certification accredited by ALAP, a UK specialist ELT Awarding Organisation.

Course Transcript on successful completion.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Study Skills

(not assessed) – how best to organise your study time.
Pre Module Grammars
Self-assessed tasks with answers provided to help with Unit 2 The Study of English

Unit 2: The Study of English

Module 1 – grammar-tasks on the understanding of grammar, tense & structure – to be completed with the use of a grammar book.

Module 2 – phonetics – tasks relating to the phonetic alphabet(given), stress & intonation. Module 3 – lexis – tasks relating to the presentation of vocabulary, compound words, word stems, language appropriacy & frequency.

Unit 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL

Module 1 – basic principles – answers from your own experience, the course materials & handbook on – 1) the blocks which may prevent learning
– 2) motivation
– 3) communicative competence.

Module 2 – reading and listening – tasks based on exploitation of authentic materials i.e. magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts etc.

Module 3 – speaking and writing – tasks based as above but with a more productive bias – getting your students to produce language

Module 4 – visual aids – study of all the audio-visual aids available. Production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannelgraph.

Module 5 – error – looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.

Unit 4: Lesson Planning

Module 1 – classroom management – task relating to student teacher relationships and how to achieve genuine communication inside and outside the classroom.

Module 2 – lesson stages and plans – putting all the above into a lesson; timing; warm-up; input; practice and production stages of your lessons.


The theoretical components of the TEFL / TESOL course are continually assessed – there are no written examinations. You will be set tasks throughout the course, which are submitted for assessment by your tutors. These tasks are graded and returned with comments and guidance for your development. The course sessions are always conducted in small groups with on-going support and instruction, helping to ensure your successful completion of our course.