Interview with Farah Sibda

  1. Why did you decide to do English teaching?

I decided to teach english because I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and to have a career that enables you to empower others..

  1. What teaching experience do/ did you have?

I had a 1 year grade 6 islamic studies teaching experience but no English teaching experience prior to this..

  1. Why did you choose China?

I chose China because I knew that there were many teaching posts available here  and I wanted to experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle.

I saw it as a great opportunity to gain teaching experience and enjoy all that this country has to offer.

  1. Have you travelled abroad before?

I have travelled to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia

  1. Did you use a recruitment agency?

Yes, I found this recruitment agency from daves esl website

  1. How was the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was easy. I applied on Daves ESL, a recruiter contacted me, he added me on Skype and then had a brief interview with me, he then put me in contact with other recruiters from China. I then liaised with the Chinese recruiters directly.

We had 2 formal interviews.

  1. Did they provide advice and guidance with regards to your visa application?

Yes, they assisted me and guided me with the visa application

  1. Was accommodation provided?

Yes, accommodation was provided.

  1. Was the accommodation satisfactory?

Yes, I’m happy with my apartment, its cosy and comfortable.

  1. Did the company provide training?

The language centre that I’m teaching at provided me with training

  1. What was the most challenging aspect when you first arrived?

The language barrier and of course and trying to adjust to a new environment

  1. How has your experience been so far with your interactions with the school, parents and the people in general?

Overall my experience has been great this colleagues and manager have been really friendly and helpful. I’ve met some really amazing and kind people in my area..

Parents are very protective over their kids they really want to see you connect with their kids..

  1. How did you deal with the culture shock?

Just keep reminding myself that I need to have an open mind. I’m here to learn and grow and embrace all the good and bad

  1. How has this experience enriched you on a personal level?

Personally I have learnt alot this far and I discovered another passion of mine which is teaching. I’ve also learnt to be more grateful and appreciative of what I have back home

  1. Do you have any useful tips or advice for anyone considering teaching in China?

GO FOR IT! YOU WON’T REGRET IT.. just keep an open mind and embrace each moment

Authur:  Farah Sibda

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