About Us

English Plus Cape Town Mission

To provide our services to students of all ages and nationalities in an environment where everyone is respected and actively engaged in learning and having fun.

To adopt an open, flexible and dynamic approach, and to support, assist and advise students to the best of our ability.

To constantly upgrade and develop our skills and to collaborate with approved partners to continually provide the best quality service.

Why choosing to learn English with us is right for you?

Our teachers are native English speakers, trained and experienced in a variety of areas adding to their wealth of knowledge.

We use a highly practical approach that reflects how language is used in everyday life. Classes are fun and students enjoy the learning process.

We adopt a highly interactive and dynamic methodology proven to be effective in the development of student’s communication skills. Reading and writing are included in the programs but our main goal is to make you feel comfortable using English in real life daily situations.

Our syllabus and framework are tailored to the needs of students. Materials are carefully selected and prepared to suit your needs. We use the highest quality course materials and also design our own dynamic materials to integrate and embrace the unique cultural immersion learning environment of being in Cape Town, South Africa.

We use a reliable and objective level system to measure student’s lingusitic ability under the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Why choosing to do the TEFL teaching training with us is right for you?

We are passionate about education, empowerment and travel. Our overall mission is to help people from a broad range of backgrounds achieve a varied fulfilling lifestyle through teaching English and living abroad. Our aim is to help you develop and grow as a person by showing you how to become a confident, well-resourced, professional teacher.

We are part of the INTESOL Worldwide group of accredited course providers for the 120 hr TEFL/ TESOL training. INTESOL Worldwide has been training teachers for 23 years and is well known and respected in the TEFL industry. Rest assured your TESOL certification will instantly be recognised internationally as being of excellent quality. Your TEFL qualification is your ticket to explore the world while making a difference to lives. Take advantage of INTESOL’s excellent reputation and get access to the best TEFL jobs abroad.


As a small team we work extra hard and our experience and commitment to you shows-our customer rave above our expert support.


Why complicate things?We’re straightforward.We’ll get you qualified and out there teaching as quickly as smoothly.

Great Value

We keep our prices low because we know everyone likes to save some pennies.If our customers are happy,so we are!


We gradute thousands of customers every year, and we are accredited to you know you’re in safe and reliable hands.